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These barrels are once again available in limited quanities! We have recently placed another small order with the importer/supplier of these high quality Verney-Carron barrels from France.

Please Contact Us or call to put your premium quality 20 Gauge Rifled Slug Barrel on order today.

How we got started with the 20 Gauge barrels:

Bullberry was approached in 2007 by Hastings shotgun/accessories manufacturers to produce these barrels for the Encore. After a small run of their 3-1/2" Custom Magnum components Hastings went out of business and access to the high-quality barrel blanks was no longer available. Since that time we have been approached by an importer who periodically purchases small batches of the same Verney-Carron barrels Hastings had been working with. We have now ordered these same blanks with this same importer three times; each batch of barrels is as good as the last, making for a premium finished barrel we are happy to put our work into and our name and logo on – our only barrels not made in America.

We can chamber for the 3-1/2" custom length, or the more standard 3" or 2-3/4" as requested. Hastings 3-1/2" Magnum components are no longer available from, though their great Sabot Pressure Wads remain available and can maximize these barrels' performance in any chamber length. With the right components in these barrels you can expect increased slug stability and amazing accuracy, equivalent to their rimfire and centerfire Bullberry counterparts.

Premium Quality Custom 20 Gauge Rifled Slug Barrels

Verney-Carron blanks; 6 lands/grooves, 1:26" twist, only available in blued Chrome-Moly

Every barrel order includes:

  • Bullberry hanger system

  • Drilling & tapping of your choice

  • Barrel profile of your choice *

  • 11° recessed target crown

*Due to the bore diameter of these barrels tapered barrel options are limited:
Full Bull Barrel - straight one inch diameter to the muzzle.
Heavy Varmint - taper to muzzle diameter of .850"
Medium Varmint - taper to muzzle diameter of .800"

NOTE: The tapers on Varmint weight barrels start 5 inches ahead of the breech to allow ample room for scope mounting using any manufacturer's hardware (built for the Encore/ProHunter/Endeavor products) and to allow the rearmost forearm hanger bar dovetail position on the full bull portion of the barrel.

Optional Barrel Add-ons and Accessories

Muzzlebrakes and muzzle threading are not recommended on these barrels, due to the resulting complications when using sabots, though we will accommodate your requests as you desire. Please visit our Accessories page for sight and scope mount options and pricing breakdowns on a variety of extras.

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