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We still know that no firearm is complete without a good scope and mounting system or iron sights, as well as reloading dies and other accessory items.

We will continue to offer for sale our own manufactured accessories and many of the listed items below and on the linked pages as inventory remains available. Though we might not have all the items or options displayed on the accompanying pages, we will be keeping them displayed as they continue to be our go-to suggestions/advice when looking to best outfit your custom firearm.

Bullberry Hanger System

Shooters familiar with our Accuracy Guarantee will know how important these little accessories are! Our steel hanger system increases your barrel’s accuracy potential by free-floating the forearm from the barrel. Besides our high quality blanks and tight tolerance chambers, this hanger system is the key to our guarantee and the success of many shooters.

Visit the Hanger System page for additional photos and costs for the different available hangers, and more information about altering your factory Encore or ProHunter barrel to utilize our accuracy-proven system.

Bullberry Muzzlebrakes and Threading

Every custom barrel can have the added feature of a muzzlebrake, either integrated or as a thread-on. The Bullberry Integral Brake is always preferred to achieve the most recoil reduction, but many people see the added benefit of a removable brake. No matter the style, a Bullberry brake is always minimally free-bored and features concentric rows of holes to maintain optimum bullet performance. Brakes are available in any caliber, apart from our 20 Gauge slug barrels and Black Powder barrels; these calibers typically utilize plastic sabots that do not pair well with brakes.

Visit the Muzzlebrakes and Threading page for more info, photo and pricing of all brake and threading options.

Scope Mounts and Iron Sights

Bullberry Steel Bases

While we install many kinds of scope bases on our Contender/G2 and Encore barrels, our top recommendation will always be our very own Bullberry Weaver-style base. Our steel base mounts with 6 screws for increased stability. All Weaver-style rights will fit with multiple slot spacing for optimum scope placement. The hole pattern will also attach to your barrels drilled with the factory 4-hole standard. Our bases also feature Weaver-head screws; these have tapered heads installed into counter-sunk holes, allowing the base to self-center on the drilling and tapping of any Contender/G2 or Encore barrel.

Ring Suggestions

In conjunction with our BB base, Leupold Quick-Release Weaver-style (QRW) ring sets allow for a secure scope mount and the ease of quick transition on your interchangeable Contender and/or Encore barrels. Many of our customers install our BB base on multiple barrels and use one scope across each. The same is possible with Leupold's PRW ring set. These more "permanent" style rings avoid the lever of the QRW model by attaching each ring to the base with two Torx screws.

Visit the Scope Bases and Rings page for a comprehensive breakdown of options and prices on our top picks.

Iron Sights

While most of our customers choose to go the more modern route of scopes, you can certainly choose to utilize open sights in conjunction with or instead of a scope. When it comes to iron sights for T/C Arms barrels realize that factory-made sights are no longer available, though there are some great options from New England Custom Guns, Williams, Lyman, Marble and what we make right here at Bullberry.

Bolt action sights span a smaller range of available options, but we are happy to discuss your individual project needs.

Visit the Iron Sights page for more details on our favorites.

Our barrels perform well with quality factory ammo, but for those looking for ever more accuracy or a bigger part in their firearm's performance we can supply a variety of reloading supplies to get the job done right. We recommend any "green box" die set, but Redding is our personal go-to. We also offer forming dies that we make in-house, and custom chamber gauges; a great resource for all our barrels, but bolt actions in particular.

Reloading Supplies

Learn more about all the Reloading Supplies available with your custom order.

Eezox™ Gun Care

With every new barrel we supply a sample of Eezox™. It is a product we use on barrels and frames alike for cleaning and rust-prevention. Unlike ammonia-based gun cleaners, Eezox™ is a synthetic that words to clean AND prevent future fouling. Unlike ammonia products, Eezox™ does NOT open up the microscopic pores of your barrel's bore, so it keeps fouling at bay. Eezox™ is available in a variety of sizes and options for your unique needs. We hear from a lot of customers after they've received their sample bottle that they need a quart can of the product so they can treat all their firearms with it.

Visit the Eezox™ Gun Care page to learn more about the product, size options and prices, how to use the product in already fouled barrels, and how we use the product in our barrel "break-in" process.

Muzzleloader Barrel Accessories

Muzzleloader Barrel Accessories

Muzzleloader Accessories

Our Encore and ProHunter barrels in 209 x 45 and 209 x 50 come standard with the T/C "EZ-tip" extractor.

Our Encore and ProHunter barrels in 209 x 45 and 209 x 50 come standard with the T/C "EZ-tip" extractor.

As all Bullberry Encore barrels are built to utilize the Bullberry Hanger System, they do not feature an attached ramrod as with factory muzzleloaders. Many of our customers choose to use collapsible ramrods with their Bullberry muzzleloader, while others purchase our ramrod/belt pouch combo. These are built to your barrel's length and feature a custom wood or laminate handle with a nylon bullet starter.

The ramrod itself is built of aluminum Rugged Rod material, with a brass jag threaded into the end of the ramrod; handles are made to match custom or T/C wood, laminates, or painted black as requested and have a nylon jag epoxied into place. All ramrods also come with a fabric belt pouch. — $50

Bullberry Rimfire Adapter for Encore®

The Bullberry Rimfire Adapter we produce is a replacement firing pin bushing assembly for the Encore frame that temporarily replaces the original bushing assembly. We custom make rimfire barrels for the Encore, built just as we would a centerfire barrel; no offset barrels or pinned barrels here.  

The Bullberry Rimfire Adapter is necessary for all Bullberry-made rimfire barrels in Encore. Visit the Rimfire Adapter for Encore page for more information, the PDF version of our printed installation instructions, and a slideshow of the firing pin bushing installation process.



​Scopes are the sort of item that are chosen more on personal preference than any suggestions we can offer, though we are happy to try to answer any questions you might have. We always recommend you visit your local sporting goods store to determine what crosshairs and objective, even brand, will best suit your needs. Looking through a few sample scopes definitely help in determining what scope you end up with, so scopes can be a difficult item to order online or over the phone. 

If you are interested in purchasing a scope along with your custom Bullberry barrel or firearm please let us know the particulars and we will check with our suppliers about availability and costs. All scopes (and mounts) purchased through us, or supplied to us for installation on a new barrel will be bore-sighted by our experienced gunsmiths at no charge.

T/C Factory Accessories

If you are looking for the factory's synthetic or walnut products you may want to check with us first. We typically keep many options in-stock and offer them at highly competitive prices. With the new site launch we will soon be launching a fully functioning Gear Store for online purchases of these items and other in-stock accessories and inventory items. In the meantime, visit the T/C Factory Accessories page from our old site.

For information on our custom grips, stocks & forearms visit our Custom T/C Woodwork page and look over dozens of samples of our custom work in the Gallery.

T/C Factory Accessories
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