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We decided to create a special page for the Black Powder barrels because we receive a lot of questions about how our barrels are different. Quite simply, they are far superior to most available Black Powder guns. Most manufacturers decide to spend less money on lesser quality steel when making black powder barrels, but their performance suffers as a result. We utilize the same high quality 4140 Chrome-Moly and 416 Stainless as our traditional rimfire and centerfire barrels in all Black Powder barrels. This does cost the shooter more money, but will out-shoot other firearms. While it isn't very practical, we do have customers shoot our Black Powder barrels for accuracy and with the right modern combination of components you can meet our Accuracy Guarantee without problem.

Please Contact Us or call with any questions or to put your premium quality Black Powder barrel on order today.

Premium Quality Custom Black Powder Barrels

Douglas blanks, 1:28" twist, available in blued Chrome-Moly or Stainless



All custom black powder barrels include the original Bullberry hanger system as well as drilling and tapping of your choice, a 45° crown to aide in bullet/sabot seating, and your choice of barrel profiles*.

All our Black Powder barrels are engraved to reflect the use of black powder only. The use of smokeless powder in a black powder firearm is not only dangerous, but illegal in black powder hunts in some states. If your goal is to go the smokeless route, we can order more specialized barrels in other twist rates for further modification. Please call and ask Jean for more information.

These calibers that require special ordering require a non-refundable deposit upon ordering:
Pistol length barrel deposits are $50; Rifle length barrels deposits are $100.


Please be aware that Black Powder is extremely caustic and will damage a barrel if residue remains in the bore after firing. We all know how difficult it can be to do a deep cleaning in a hunting camp, but don't forget about getting aggressive with cleaning at first opportunity. Check out our recommended Black Powder Cleaning Instructions for the process we use.

*Due to the bore diameter of these barrels tapered barrel options are limited:
Full Bull Barrel - straight one inch diameter to the muzzle.
Heavy Varmint - taper to muzzle diameter of .850"
Medium Varmint - taper to muzzle diameter of .800"
Light Varmint - taper to muzzle diameter of .750"

NOTE: The tapers on Varmint weight barrels start 5 inches ahead of the breech to allow ample room for scope mounting using any manufacturer's hardware (built for the Encore/ProHunter/Endeavor products) and to allow the rearmost forearm hanger bar dovetail position on the full bull portion of the barrel.

The hanger system does not allow for custom Bullberry barrels to be fitted with the T/C-standard attached ramrod. Many customers choose to use collapsible ramrods with their Bullberry muzzleloader, while others purchase our ramrod/belt pouch combo. These are built from aluminum Rugged Rods to your barrel's length and feature a custom wood or laminate handle with an attached nylon bullet starter. An appropriately sized brass jag is threaded into the rod end.

Optional Barrel Add-ons and Accessories

Muzzlebrakes and muzzle threading are not recommended on these barrels, due to the resulting complications when using sabots, though we will accommodate your requests as you desire. Please visit our Accessories page for sight and scope mount options and pricing breakdowns on a variety of extras.

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