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Still Obsessed with Accuracy  •  Built for You

We are dedicated to fulfilling every existing and last custom order placed before retirement, with the same attention to detail and painstaking dedication to accuracy we have always had. With that said, there only remains a small window for custom orders to be placed — and only if we currently have the barrel blank in-hand. See the detailed inventory lists below to determine if the barrel you want can be made at this time. Custom orders will tentatively close on Friday 11/8. Remaining and new orders will be fulfilled before year-end as possible.

After orders for custom barrels are closed we will shift to selling any remaining blanks, as desired by customers. Bulk orders of blanks may be available at a discount. Barrel details such as length, metal, twist are listed. Most of our barrels are supplied by Wilson Arms Co. — that should be assumed when a barrel maker is not noted.

As always: custom barrel builds include premium-quality blanks, unbeatable performance from tight-tolerance chambers, target crowns, your choice of length, profile, drilling and tapping pattern, finish, etc. Brakes and threading remain optional.

Accessory ordering (bases, rings, sights, die sets, etc.) will now be limited to what remains in-stock. We will no longer be offering frames or trigger adjustments for new orders. A complete inventory of accessories will be available soon. Until then, please call to verify and lock in orders.

Call us with any questions — 435.635.9866. We still pride ourselves on our quality and customer service but please be aware that we will be limiting our time on each phone call to see that all remaining orders are filled in a timely manner.

Note: This page will be updated at least once per day.       

••• Due to the complexity of the inventory tables below, this page is not optimized for mobile viewing and should be viewed on a desktop screen.

last updated Fri. 11/8, 3:15pm

17 Caliber — 1:10 twist

Available Blanks

20 Caliber — 1:12 twist

22 Long Rifle (.222) — 1:16 twist

.224 — 1:14 twist

.224 — 1:12 twist

6mm — 1:14 twist

.224 — other twists

6mm — 1:12 twist

6mm — 1:10 twist

6mm — other twists

25 Cal (.257) — 1:10 twist

6.5mm — 1:9 twist

.270 — 1:10 twist

.308 — 1:8 twist

.308 — 1:10 twist

6.5mm — 1:8 twist

7mm — 1:9 twist

.357 – 1:16 twist (Douglas)

.358 — 1:12 twist

10mm/40 Cal — 1:14 twist (Douglas

.41 Cal — 1:16 twist (Douglas)

.451 — 1:16 twist (Douglas)

Black Powder — 1:28 twist (Douglas)

.44 Cal — 1:16 twist (Douglas)

20 Ga — 1:26 twist (Verney-Carron)



All custom barrel pricing includes:

  • Bullberry hanger system

  • Drilling & tapping of your choice

  • Barrel profile of your choice

  • 11° recessed target crown*

* Black powder barrels feature a 45° crown to aid in bullet and/or sabot seating

20 Gauge rifled slug barrels are available only for the Encore/ ProHunter frames; your choice of 2 3/4", 3", or 3 1/2" chamber length

Select Barrel Premiums

Standard Barrel Profiles

Bullberry Contender/G2 barrels are most often made in a straight Bull profile. The Bull profile is considered optimum for both balance and accuracy in the already lightweight Contender; these also match the modern G2 barrels from T/C. If you prefer a lighter weight barrel for any reason just specify the details when ordering. Please note, however, that standard Bullberry tapers start 5 inches ahead of the breech to allow ample room for scope mounting using any manufacturer's hardware. The original Contender carbine barrel's muzzle diameter can be matched on your new custom barrel upon request. Other common tapers will feature muzzle diameters of .750" to .500" (in .050" increments), though this is dependent upon the barrel's bore dimension.


Click on either of the to-scale profile drawings below to open a larger PDF file for easier viewing.


Bullberry Encore barrel tapers start 5 inches ahead of the breech to allow ample room for scope mounting using any manufacturer's hardware and to allow the rear-most forearm hanger bar dovetail position on this full bull portion of the barrel.

Large bore barrels may be limited in profile options. Call for specifics according to bore dimensions.

Unlike our Contender barrel forearm hanger bar, we have bars of different configuration to match the various Encore profiles, allowing the bar and forearm to always mount parallel to the bore.

  • Full Bull target barrel – straight 1" diameter to the muzzle
  • Heavy Varmint taper – muzzle diameter of .850"
  • Medium Varmint taper – muzzle diameter of .800"
  • Light Varmint taper – muzzle diameter of .750"
  • Heavy Sporter taper – muzzle diameter of .700"
  • Medium Sporter taper – muzzle diameter of .650"
  • Light Sporter taper – muzzle diameter of .600"
  • Barrels with smaller muzzle diameters can be accommodated, dependent on their bore size

Click on any of the to-scale profile drawings below to open a larger PDF file for easier viewing.

Optional Barrel Add-ons and Accessories

Muzzlebrakes, muzzle threading, sights and scope mounts are the most common additions to our custom barrels. Please visit our Accessories page for full options and pricing breakdowns on a variety of extras.

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