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Lock, Stock and Barrel  •  We have you covered

We generally find that a customer has an idea of what he or she wants in a full custom long gun or bolt action pistol. Sometimes it is a long held dream of something special; therefore we will build to your specifications of action and caliber with minimal suggestion. We can make most all bolt actions into very respectable shooters. Please also know that while bolt actions are the standard in long guns, we do also rebarrel select falling block actions (Martinis are our favorite, and we do not work on Ruger #1s). Please call with your falling block action's particulars to verify availability of work.

Our obsession with accuracy and fine detail continues to our custom bolt action rifle and pistol work, whether you supply a used action or we purchase a new action for you.

As with our replacement barrels for the T/C break action frames, custom Bullberry bolt action barrels have many features not found on factory original barrels.

Our STANDARD barrel features include:

• Premium quality chrome-moly and stainless steel blanks, CNC turned for a non-stressed barrel of unbeatable performance; turned on centers to ensure the truest barrel possible
• Wide choice of lengths
• Comprehensive selection of calibers – spec'd to tight tolerances for optimum performance
• High polish, semi-matte SchotchBrite®, and dull beadblasted finishes
• Variety of contours
• 11º recessed Bench-Rest crown
• Drilling and tapping for scope and/or iron sights as needed
• Precision chambers, cut and polished to minimum dimensions
• Optional Bullberry Muzzle Brakes (reduces felt recoil by 50-80%)
• and Guaranteed Accuracy!

Other key information about the barrel blanks we use:

• all our match-grade barrels come from Wilson Arms Co., Douglas Barrels and Pac-Nor Barreling as determined by caliber, twist, and metal, and customer's request

• Barrel blanks come to Bullberry rifled to minimum tolerances, having passed air-gage testing and visual inspections

• The premium blanks we have chosen to work with feature such a fine internal finish that little to no further break-in is required in the finished barrels.


Please be aware that Bullberry chambers are tighter tolerance than those from other barrel and/or firearm manufacturers. This fact lends to our impressive accuracy, but does make for special circumstances. Almost all Bullberry chambers will require the use of virgin components. This is as a result of once-fired brass from other barrels having been expanded to a looser tolerance than most Bullberry chambers. Even after sizing, brass will typically remain too large near the cartridge base to fit in our chambers without difficulty. Once you have fired virgin rounds through your Bullberry barrel you will be able to reload those components to great success. If you would like to speak with one of our experienced staff about your caliber(s) regarding any reloading suggestions or tips they may be able to offer feel free to give us a call.

Bolt Action Rifle suggestions:

Sako® actions, while not as readily available as in the past, are still an excellent choice even though the newer models are a little more bulky than earlier ones.

Fred’s favorite personal firearm is the pictured early Sako Vixen with a full mannlicher-style stock on a 20" 6mm TCU barrel. We fitted it with an exhibition grade blank of Bastogne Walnut of unusually light color a European-style "humpback" butt.

Other actions that adapt well to custom rifles are the Remington® model 721 and 722. These are almost foolproof to turn into a highly accurate rifle with bench-rest capability. Like the XP-100 pistol action, the bolt to receiver tolerance is minimal and many trigger options are available.

Another choice for a custom rifle is the Winchester® Classic. We strip these to the receiver and start over. What you get is a "pre-64" style gun at a fraction of the cost of an early one. The Pre-64 had been the most sought after bolt action in history by custom gun makers. Now, after more than 30 years, thanks to Winchester, it's back and as good as ever, so this should not be overlooked.


One of our most highly recommended actions for custom building your dream rifle is the little CZ-USA Model 527. Small like the old Sako AI rifles, this is a really fine piece of craftsmanship. It is available in both a Hornet bolt face, and 223 Remington bolt face. The CZ-USA 550 is a larger version of their 527 and is also a great choice.

Occasionally available from us as bare bolt-actions is the modern Savage Target model, based off of the old 110 standby. This gives you a custom firearm from the start and no extra cost from purchasing a full rifle only to break it down for just the action. The new Savages are available only in Stainless and in limited bolt faces (.223 or .308 sizes), but do offer a few port and eject options and all come with the highly rated AccuTrigger standard (allowing user-set pull down to 1 1/2 pounds), though availability is not consistent. If you think one of these actions will suit your custom rifle project please call us to confirm availability.

We have reamers in most of the standards (to reasonable dimension and pressures) and most popular wildcats. Pricing of a custom rifle (when customer furnishes the action) will start at about $1000 and go to $5000, depending on the stock chosen to accompany the barrel work and optional details like checkering and engraving, jeweling, etc. Your choice on stock work can range from tactical synthetic to custom picked, hand-shaped wood.

Bolt Action Pistol suggestions:

Custom pistols are most often done on Sako actions, stripped Remington XP-100s, and the newer CZ-USA. The Sako, always in a rear grip design, can be made up as a repeater or a single shot. Triggers can be modified to be very respectable. Caliber selection is almost endless. The Remington XP-100 action, inherently accurate, lends itself to either a center or a rear grip. With a huge variety of trigger options, we also can modify a small bolt face (221 Remington Fireball) to a large one, adapting a

Sako-style extractor in a bushed bolt face. Another specialty on the XP is a modification for an external bolt release.

Complete custom pistols on a customer's action will typically range in price from $900 to $3500 (again, depending most on the stock choice).

In order to make a custom pistol we need to start with a bare action or a frame that has already been built as a pistol; creating a pistol from an action that has already been a rifle is not an option.

Lately the CZ-527 has been available as an action-only purchase in 22 Hornet bolt-face, and the CZ-550 in the 416 Rigby size. Please contact us about availability if you're looking for the 223 (527), 308 (550) or 30-06 (550) size action.

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