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Robert Burton, Oct 18, 2017

Getting ready for deer season here in Texas with the custom 6.5 Grendel package you made for me. Went to the range and after 10 rounds to break-in the barrel, sand bagged I put 5 rounds inside a quarter inch using Hornady 123 grain SST. With higher mag scope would have a tighter group. The stock work, fit and finish of the barrel and action is beautiful. I had several people at the range come over to look at this Encore. It is my deer rifle this season. Thanks to all at Bullberry for the custom work that is truly custom.

Bob L. in Kansas, Sep 13, 2016

I would like to say thank you to all who built my custom TC Encore 6mm Rem. barrel and wood forend. The workmanship is superb and it is as accurate as you can hold it on target. Finally a 6mm Rem. that really shoots for me. I will use it coyote calling with Horn. 58 gr. V-Max bullet reloads with IMR 4064 powder and CCI BR primers.  I have shot 3 hole groups that touch each other at 100 yd. which was what I was hoping for. The barrel delivered 5 days early.  Thanks to all at Bullberry for a job well done.

Mark Tinnell, Apr 1, 2016

The 20 Vartarg 12" Bull Barrel that I bought from you with my Santa money is the closest thing to a Star Trek Phaser that I have ever shot. I put a 4x scope on it and routinely shoot golf balls at 100 yards standing freehand. There are quite a few less groundhogs in this state these days.

Y'all Rock,

Paul Scowley, Nov 18, 2015
You recently made a 26" ported 460 S & W barrel for my T/C Encore. It shoots .75" groups at 100 yards with factory ammo and drops large whitetail in their tracks. Everyone in Southern Michigan and Ohio needs one of these. I can't thank you enough.

Tom Hartman, Sep 11, 2015

Thanks to Troy and the staff at Bullberry I'm the proud owner of the best shooting pistol possible. While dealing with Troy it was my pleasure to go over details with him. He took his time and was always so helpful. If other companies conducted business like Bullberry the world would be a better place. Thank you Troy and staff for my 6mm BR bolt action pistol.

Brian Johnsen, Jun 15, 2015
Can't thank you guys enough for the barrel repair. You guys went above and beyond, great customer service. Sincerest thanks.


Craig Beecroft, Apr 5, 2015
I just wanted to thank you for the quick repair on my 17 HMR barrel. And how much I appreciated your customer service on the issue with barrel.
More companies should follow your lead on taking care of customer issues. And they too would have customers standing in line to use their product.
Thank you again.

Heath Provo, Dec 30, 2014

I sent Bullberry a TC Encore pistol barrel to have the hanger system applied. I also had a grip and forend made by them. I can't say enough about how professional the Bullberry staff was during this process. If there was ever a problem or question they called me and made me aware. The grip and forend is awesome and it looks great on my pistol. The work they did on the barrel was fantastic. I will always recommend Bullberry. I will also use them in the near future for another grip and forend. Thank you very much Bullberry!!!!!!!!!!

Michael T. Thompson, Dec 3, 2014
6 TCU arrived (last week). Shoots very well indeed. Number one it fit and went boom from the get go. Was concerned would have to send whole thing in for a tweak but not this time. Finding lots of good online info for reloading and have tried several powders and bullet combinations, all good shooters as far as grouping goes. No surprises or flyers at all, not one. Most shooting has been with maneto speed hanging off end of barrel to get the right combination for plinking and hunting. Will use maybe later in month for the deer who roam my plantation, all three acres of it. Am somewhat limited for range right now as backyard is only good for 100 yards, but am in the works to get in a range that goes to 600 yards soon. Am really impressed how the 223 based cartridge performs both in speed and accuracy. Thanks again for keeping up your end, and have a good holiday season.


Jeff Tausch Sr., Nov 11, 2014

About 7 yrs. ago I purchased my 30/30 barrel from you with other custom work. I did so because of an injury to neck and back. This made it impossible for me to take the recoil of a rifle. In the last 7 yrs. I have killed 6 blacktail, 1 mule deer, (28 wide 4x6 with stickers) and 1 bear. To say I am satisfied is an understatement. I have taken shots out to 425 yds. with a clean kill. I can still hunt with no pain. This gun is the most accurate I own. I just wanted to say thank you. Great job.

Ed Atherton, Oct 20, 2014

I'm from Pa. and stopped at your shop on 9/30/14 with my new Rem. 700 that had a problem with the ejector spring. I just wanted to thank you again for taking time to look at it. I killed an elk with it and had a great trip. Thanks again, Ed


Eric Giammalva, Sep 22, 2014

I had this gun [.22 Hornet Encore pistol] made for the sole purpose of having my daughter shoot her first deer with a Hornet. 4th generation of taking deer with a .22 Hornet. "Liberty Hunt", youth hunt in Michigan, she took an 8-point.

Our Bullberry Hornet Pistol is forever a family heirloom!


Michael Brandolini, Sep 7, 2014

I recently received the 3 pistol barrels I had ordered for my Encore. .44 Mag., .223 Rem and 7.62x39mm. The attention to detail and workmanship on these is absolutely outstanding. When I get some free time for the range, I'm positive they will perform as good as they look.

Also the experience with Bullberry was refreshing with a Customer Service approach that is not normally seen in today's business world. Numerous emails were exchanged in order to insure the end product was 100% what I desired. Just a fantastic product and business experience. Couldn't be happier. Give the crew a big congrats on a job well done.

I'll be placing another order soon.
Regards Mike


Dale Harvey, Jul 22, 2014

Contender 14" 25-20 barrel: lock-up is good, accuracy is good but not benched. Gave dimensions of loaded cases and bullet to be used [85gr RCBS cast] 3gr w231 w/Winchester primers. Fired cases come from chamber at .2745-.276 and cast bullet as cast will require no sizing. This is only about an 1100 FPS load but great plinker and cheap to load with today's prices.
Sizing 32-20 cases will require attention and necks have to be true. Using .218 Bee cases I just need to size.
Not quite a tight neck, but min. chamber dimensions. If they had been wrong it would have been my fault as I used the micrometer on cases.

Thanks for the barrel. Worth the wait.


Mike Claphan, Jun 2, 2014

Hi Jean,

Thank you again for the fine work your company has done for me. Your attention to details, understanding of your products and fun sense of humor has made this very enjoyable.

I just got my 17 Fireball barrel, and it looks great.

I am planning a small bolt rifle project for you to do.

Talk to you soon,


Bill Edwards, May 16, 2014

My FFL dealer just called, "The Skunk Gun" just arrived today. He's impressed, I know I'll be too. Thank you for everything. When I get some more money saved up, I can see a .204 Ruger 23" SS barrel in my future.

Bill has a few items from Bullberry, but this "Skunk Gun" he speaks of is a new .17 Hornady Hornet on a new ProHunter frame with custom nutmeg laminate stockset and the works. It's even dressed up with some custom bulls' berries engraved on the frame. We love when our customers love our name (and logo) this much!


Jason Lowery, May 16, 2014

September, I got my frame back yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks! It looks great and the trigger is excellent. I will probably be sending another frame out to you in a few weeks, if my wife can decide what she wants engraved on hers.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you guys, and hope to do more soon. I want to get me a Bullberry barrel, but I have not decided what I want to have made yet.

Thanks again!


Derek Moore, May 15, 2014

I am thrilled, not only with my new Encore barrel itself, also great customer service too. Getting a barrel up here to Canada is a bit more involved but it came through with no headaches and nominal extra cost for importation.

The barrel was a bit tight because Bullberry didn't have my action to fit it to, but the gunsmith here called Bullberry and they walked him through what had to be done. So now it is perfect. Can't ask for more than that.

Thank you.

Tom Baumgardner, Apr 23, 2014

I received my XP-100, .221 Fireball with the new 15" barrel on Monday afternoon. At the range Tuesday, I had my 'Zero', and sight settings for IHMSA Half-Scale with the first 20 rounds using existing ammo. What a hoot! Now, all I need are a few good excuses for any missed targets. Looks great. Functions great. Shoots great.

I'd like to thank the whole crew at Bullberry and especially Troy for a job well done.

Thanks again, Tom


Michael Brandolini, Mar 27, 2014

Received my modified T/C (factory) rifle barrels today. I am a very discriminating guy and very hard to please. I have one word to say about the work. OUTSTANDING!!! Great work on the barrel cut and crown.

The hanger system is a huge improvement over the T/C two screw mounting system and the composite fore end fits like a glove.

Just outstanding work. I am extremely pleased that I chose your shop for my T/C work. It will be a long wait until my Bullberry pistol barrels arrive.

I'll be sending my 7-30 Waters rifle barrel in for the hanger system install ASAP.

Thank you much.

P.S. the wood pistol fore end and grip are also top notch.


Jack Peters, March 11, 2014

Hi Jean, I love the 25-20. My son Jesse casts bullets and I got him a 25 cal. mold. (Lyman 65 grain, 258 diameter).
Hope you are all doing well this year, best wishes, Jack


Paul Alexander, Mar 9, 2014
Just thought I'd let you know: you re-barreled a Winchester for me to 7mm Rem Mag a little while ago. Shoots amazing today. I shot a 1/2" 5-shot group at 100 yards and a 1/2" 3-shot group a 200 yards. Several guys wanted to know who made the barrel. Hope you get inquiries. Paul

Steve Joel, Feb 28, 2014
In response to your email, I thank you for your fast reply and having the parts (for an old factory T/C barrel). I tried another company also and all I received was a referral to Gun Parts Corp.

Parts needed: 22 LR extractor, locking bolt spring, 3/32" roll pin for locking bolts and a 1/15" roll pin for the extractor.

May I add an interesting observation? I have a 22 LR barrel and a 9mm barrel made by Bullberry as you may recall from our past dealings. Each barrel is the same length (17") and contour (bull); each one uses an EGW rail. I have three fixed power scopes, one inch tubes mounted with UTG Leapers high detachable rings. The three scopes: 2.5, 4 and 6 power can be switched between the two barrels.

I can take each scope and put them on the 22 LR barrel and sight them in at the indoor range I use at 16 yards (nominal 50') using CCI 36 grain hollow points. I can then go to an outdoor range I use and with the same scopes now on the 9mm barrel I am within 6 clicks of elevation shooting a variety of 9mm cartridges out to 100 yards.

It seems to me this observation is a testimonial to the skill and precision which goes into the barrels you make. Perhaps it helps the two barrels rested with the same configuration as relates to forearm, stock, action, mount, and rings? The only thing I know for sure is that it works.

By the way, I am cleaning up shooting a light rifle competition at the indoor range using your 22 LR barrel. I can recommend RWS subsonic 40 grain hollow points for use in your barrel, not that it does bad with any of the other brands.

George Phillips, Feb 19, 2014

September, Troy and their team built me a very nice barrel. Shot some factory load 150 grain reloaded some 155 grain Berger with IMR 82XBR powder. Shot with all bullet holes touching. Can't wait to try other bullets, like 125 grain Sierra. The finish on this barrel was a big improvement from the factory barrel. The accuracy was the biggest improvement. Can't wait until I can order another new barrel!

George is shooting a 16.25" 308 Win. in the T/C Encore, Light Varmint profile

Duane Reimers, Dec 23, 2013

I received my 30 Carbine bull barrel for my T/C Contender. I have only 1 word to say "SWEET". Better than I expected or could hope for. Shoots a tighter group at 100 yrs than the rifle and I am using the same type, make, model of scope on both.

Bill Edwards, Dec 19, 2013

My Bullberry .41 Mag shoots better than it looks, and we know how great it looks. I heard today that the deer around here are shaking in their hooves hoping I get sick and can't go hunting, little do they know I've had my flu shot. Thank You all very much.

Jeff Weintraub, Dec 13, 2013

The 357 Mag barrel arrived yesterday. It is better than I imagined: the forearm, sights and lockup.

I'll see how it shoots tomorrow.

Thanks to all and best regards.

Follow-up message from Dec.16:
The sight aperture that you sent has arrived. The gun shoots great. Thanks again.
Best regards, Jeff


Greta Heinz, Nov 27, 2013

"THANKS! for Rick's gorgeous Bullberry Encore"

Dear September,

Our FFL let us handle Rick's Bullberry Encore (though now we have to wait 10 days to get it), and WOW!!! it is fabulous. Rick LOVES it. He LOVES the wood color, grain, design, execution. Fabulous! Plus the balance and handling is perfect. It is wonderful all around! Thanks SO much to all of you!

Russell Couch, Nov 18, 2013

Thank you Bullberry for a fantastic product. I ordered a 14 inch .41 Rem Mag bull barrel after trying for quite sometime to find one at gun shows and online. Jean was most helpful in helping me make my order. When I recieved the barrel I started working up a load to deer hunt with. I loaded a Sierra 210 grain Sports Master bullet over 20 grs. of H110. The first group at 100 yards was all I needed to see. I shot a 1-1/4" group off the bench. So I loaded up a box and waited for the opening morning of deer season here in south Arkansas. The buck was not exactly a trophy but when he was hit at 78 yards it was all over, but to head for camp. The other members thought I was crazy for using a handgun to hunt with but I got some of them thinking. I hope to get alot of these guys interested in handgun hunting. Thanks again and keep putting out your fine products.

Jack Clark, Nov 15, 2013

Just got back from my FFL to do the paperwork for the background check.

Got to see and fondle my new pistol. Wow! Fabulous! My FFL, who has seen lots of guns, was very impressed also. Now the gun is officially in jail, the 10 day "cooling off" period. I'll pick it up when we return from SoCal.

One very happy customer.


Alan Meissner, Nov 7, 2013

My pistol arrived a little bit ago, and BOY does it look NICE!!!! Please
let your shop people that it looks great, it is a number 1 job. Thank You to all that were involved!!!!!

Thank You Fred for getting it fixed for me!!!! I do have to ask, is this a new barrel? (It kinda looks like it.) There is only one thing I wish you could have done is gold or silver letters on the side of the barrel. I love that type of writing, and wish it would standout more for everyone to see!!! Cuz I'll show it off!!!

I can't wait to get out and shoot it but it will be a while, the weather is bad right now, and my disabilities will make it harder for me.

Jean, I want to say thank you for letting me know what was going on (updates) while it was in repair, and also to all the people involved.

Next new barrel I buy will be one of yours !!! Have a nice day, and and upcoming weekend.

Thanks again to all!!!


Greta Heintz, Oct 1, 2013

WOW! I am so thrilled with my Encore rifle. It fits my hands and arms perfectly, and I can't wait to get to the range.

The entire craftsmanship on the rifle is fabulous. The wood came out even better than I could have imagined, and it feels so good in my hands; it is like part of me. The action of the receiver is smooth and wonderful.

The forend coordinates really well with the stock. I am not sure which side of the gun is prettier. It is gorgeous on both sides. I am totally thrilled!

Thanks so much! I am so glad you are doing the work you are doing so I can own this fabulous gun.

Michael Klesel, May 28, 2013

The Encore 219 Zipper barrel you made for me made a believer. The barrel printed 1/2" groups with with different bullet weights and powder at 100 yards on a windy day. The barrel locks up the frame like a safe door. You will get my next order.


Sam Jennings, Apr 3, 2013

Finally got to shoot the 6/223 Contender barrel you for me.

First handloads with 58 & 65 grn. bullets were all <1/2" at 100yds.

27.0 grains of Benchmark & a 75 gr. V-Max = one ragged hole!



Don Bell, Jun 14, 2011

Good Morning September: just a short note to let you and the team know the barrel looks outstanding. I hope I can shoot as good as it looks, the sights are the finishing touch on the stainless. Great sight picture. Wow I may have to burn some comp time from the fire station and go to the range thanks again for all your help and advice.

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