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Our most frequently asked question from customers purchasing a new Bullberry barrel is "How do you recommend breaking in my new Bullberry barrel?". The stock answer is, "With a premium factory-lapped barrel in your hands the break-in has already been done." This is a true statement, but we also want you to take care of your new barrel.

We feel strongly that you should apply one of the synthetic bore treatment products available in order to prevent any type of fouling. We furnish a sample of Eezox™ Premium Gun Care with all new barrels in an effort to save you time, energy, and most importantly give you the most accurate firearm possible. It is a product we trust to use on our own firearms, and we use it on barrels and frames alike for cleaning and rust-prevention.

Use Eezox™ to clean your barrel initially and after every shooting session. The simple process of pushing a couple of wet patches followed by a tight dry patch will usually suffice . . . no need to overdo it! A gray residue will show on your final patch. Don't work to remove this as it will allow for continued lubrication and treatment when your barrel is not in use as a dry lubricant. Using Eezox™ offers the advantages of the old trend of moly-coated bullets without the danger of moly buildup. Eezox™ is great for properly cleaning older firearms too. Even barrels that have been slightly copper-fouled can be cleaned using very fine steel wool dampened with Eezox™. This will always be a more successful choice than an ammonia-based copper solvent, as Eezox™ does NOT open the microscopic pores in your barrel metal which leads to worse fouling in the future.

We have Eezox™ available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. The smaller two options of Eezox are now available for online purchase through our Gear Store. Or you can call or email to order yours today.

Learn more about Synthetic Eezox™ Premium Gun Care direct from the manufacturers.

shipping fees are determined by quantities ordered, order total, and method of shipment requested

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