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Little did Fred know on that fateful July afternoon that the world famous Bullberry accuracy would not come into play.


Fred was so excited that he finally got his chance to stalk the skittish Waterbuck that he forgot to bring his ammunition. Luckily, the quality of a Bullberry barrel rings true when fired, or when used as a bludgeon.

That's right, as Fred got his opportunity to take the world's largest Waterbuck with a handgun; he realized he left his ammunition back at camp. As he dry-fired his weapon, the Waterbuck turned. This being Africa, the animals are a bit more aggressive than in North America, and the Waterbuck charged Fred.

Fred, facing imminent death, remembered his hand-to-hand combat training from his days of working at the Salvation Army. As the Waterbuck's trophy horns were just inches from Fred, he turned to the side and with all his might, swung hard with his Bullberry barrel. This was a swing the likes of which Sammy Sosa, A-Rod, and even Mark McGuire have never seen.

Well as you can see from the pictures, Fred's swing hit its mark. He was told after the event that he received the record of taking the world's largest Waterbuck with a handgun.

Of this entire story, that last sentence is the only true part.

Congratulations, Fred, on a successful hunt! Oh yeah, what Fred did actually accomplish was taking the animals in the gallery below, and unfortunately he also received a nice case of food poisoning he got to enjoy both on his journey home and once back in Utah. He's a little "gun shy" to take another big hunting trip after this one put him in the hospital, but with trophies like these (yes, the Waterbuck and Kudu are on his living room walls) who needs another hunting excursion, right?

Fred’s African Safari started in Pretoria, South Africa with the hunting property lying just across the Limpopo River from Botswana. Each morning Fred and his guide, a Bullberry customer that invited Fred to participate in this hunt, left the campsite before sunrise; Fred carrying only the round in the chamber and 3 on a wristband. Fred was instructed to walk only in Johann's footsteps, but that obviously didn't lessen the effectiveness of the hunt. His trophy goal was the record Eland the property was hiding, but only unshootable sightings of that monster antelope were possible.

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