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At this time we are concluding most of our gunsmithing services, including trigger adjustments that were not ordered before the announcement of our retirement. Some of our more traditional in-house work and accessories will still be available as part of our close-out specials, but for small parts for the T/C break actions, or for your trigger needs we recommend reaching out to either the TCA (Thompson/Center Association) and/or Haus of Arms. Marty at Haus will be happy to supply you with frames as well, including the new SSK-50.

As mentioned on our homepage announcement, we hope that our own Troy will continue forward with some version of Bullberry and we will be sure to let you know any such future developments.

Muzzlebrakes and Threading

Bullberry integral brakes are available on almost any custom bolt action pistol or rifle barrel, no matter the make. See our Muzzlebrakes page for more information and additional photographs. Call us with your project's specifics to check on availability.

Please note, at this time we are not offering our threading services on barrels that we do not turn to finished dimension; this decision is to maintain our high standards of precision and accuracy. This means if you supply us with an already-turned barrel blank for custom finishing, or you would like to add a brake or suppressor to an existing finished rifle, no matter the make we only offer integrated brakes.

Hanger Installation

The Bullberry Hanger System is available for any Contender, G2, Encore, or ProHunter centerfire or rimfire barrel, whether made by Bullberry, Thompson/Center Arms, or another after-market manufacturer. For more information, photos and pricing please visit our Hanger System page.

Bullberry Rimfire Adapter for Encore®

The Bullberry Rimfire Adapter we produce is a replacement firing pin bushing assembly for the Encore frame that temporarily replaces the original bushing assembly. We custom make rimfire barrels for the Encore, built just as we would a centerfire barrel; no offset barrels or pinned barrels here.  

The Bullberry Rimfire Adapter is necessary for all Bullberry-made rimfire barrels in Encore. Visit the Rimfire Adapter for Encore page for more information, the PDF version of our printed installation instructions, and a slideshow of the firing pin bushing installation process.

Muzzleloader Barrel Accessories

Our Encore and ProHunter barrels in 209 x 45 and 209 x 50 come standard with the T/C "EZ-tip" extractor.

As all Bullberry Encore barrels are built to utilize the Bullberry Hanger System, they do not feature an attached ramrod as with factory muzzleloaders. Many of our customers choose to use collapsible ramrods with their Bullberry muzzleloader, while others purchase our ramrod/belt pouch combo. These are built to your barrel's length and feature a custom wood or laminate handle with a nylon bullet starter.

The ramrod itself is built of aluminum Rugged Rod material, with a brass jag threaded into the end of the ramrod; handles are made to match custom or T/C wood, laminates, or painted black as requested and have a nylon jag epoxied into place. All ramrods also come with a fabric belt pouch. — $50

T/C Factory Accessories

Small inventory numbers remain available for T/C original rubber and synthetic forearms, stocks and grips. Call with any specific inquiries before our official Accessory inventory is up to date.

For information on our custom grips, stocks and forearms visit our Custom T/C Woodwork page and look over dozens of samples of our custom work in the Gallery.

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