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Thompson/Center's factory sights are no longer available, so we have found and even created a few modern options that offer tremendous variety for the wide range of shooters' needs. If you have questions about what you see below, or are interested in something we don't have listed, please call or email us to discuss your project.

Williams "WGRS" Rear Sight and Marble Ramp Combinations

This aircraft-grade aluminum ramp rear sight is offered in a variety of options: peep aperture, open U-notch, or square-notch blade. This rear sight offers a surprising range in elevation and windage adjustment (screw set only, not click adjust). The standard peep aperture threads out to create a ghost ring aperture; great for large game.

Complementary front sight options use the steel Marble ramp with a gold bead or Bullberry-made post dovetail sight installed, depending on what rear sight you choose. For fiber optic options please see below.

Folding Rifle Sights

The folding leaf sight is a classic on many rifles and works great as a backup iron sight system when used in conjunction with Weaver-style bases and easily removable rings (see our Scope Bases and Rings page for details). They are designed to fold down flat against the barrel or base, depending on your installation choice. The strong spring secures sight in “up” or “down” position. They feature a height adjustable and reversible sight notch piece for the option of a U- or V-shaped notch. A hand painted white enamel diamond helps draw your eye to the center of the notch. Choose from standard or windage-adjustable.

Williams FireSight Front and Rear Sights

Fiber Optic Sights

These set-ups are the fiber optic versions of the above "WGRS" and ramp combination.

Target and Competition Sights

These options are the most commonly chosen accessories we sell for the serious target shooter.

Williams Foolproof Peep Sight

The peep aperture options function as ghost rings when the knurled aperture insert in unscrewed.

New England Custom Gun's Peep for Weaver

Lyman Target Globe Front Sights

17A Series


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