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Every custom barrel can have the added feature of a muzzlebrake, either integrated or as a thread-on. The Bullberry Integral Brake is always preferred to achieve the most recoil reduction, but many people see the added benefit of a removable brake. No matter the style, a Bullberry brake is always minimally free-bored and features concentric rows of holes to maintain optimum bullet performance. Brakes are available in any caliber, apart from our 20 Gauge slug barrels and Black Powder barrels; these calibers typically utilize plastic sabots that do not pair well with brakes.

Bullberry Muzzlebrakes

Bullberry muzzle brakes typically feature five rows of holes drilled perpendicular to the bore and concentric around the barrel. This pattern gives optimum recoil reduction and even gas distribution, allowing for standard but lessened recoil. The modern Bullberry brake design was established after a variety of styles (hole size and positioning, angle of holes, free-bore relief, etc.) were tested on a variety of calibers. Angling back the holes can actually produce negative recoil; a very unnerving sensation to any experienced shooter. Holes not drilled concentric around a barrel have the habit of creating additional barrel jump or drop, depending on their placement. This non-standard recoil is also uncomfortable for most shooters.
General comparison testing places our integral brakes has found 60-80% recoil reduction, depending on the caliber/bore size and the barrel diameter. Thread-on brakes have 40-60% recoil reduction due to their larger free-bore or bore relief cut.


As you can see in the slideshow above, we pride ourselves on making the caps and thread-on brakes completely seamless. We actually really enjoy when customers call to "complain" about us forgetting their thread-on services. We ask them to grab the end of the barrel and twist and then smile as we hear their surprise and compliments.


Our threading services (currently limited to Bullberry barrels only) are available in a variety of standard threads. If you own a flash suppressor or silencer and would like us to thread one of our barrels for your existing accessory we recommend that you send a thread protector/attachment nut as possible. If you do not have such an item we will simply make the threads to standard dimensions and pitch.


Bullberry is NOT a Class 3 dealer; as such we are not permitted to receive limited-registration silencers or suppressors, even for fitting purposes.

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