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Available Calibers – blued Chrome-Moly or Stainless

Calibers noted above as "G2 only" are only available for use in the modern G2 actions, not the classic Contender and will be marked accordingly. This is for your safety due to potential pressure levels in these cartridges. Call us if you have any questions.

* Custom barrels chambered in 30-221/300 Blackout are designed and built to minimum chamber specs. These are handload-only chambers and will NOT accept once-fired and/or remanufactured brass.

** Custom barrels chambered in 7.62 x 39 will be built on a true .308" groove barrel. This does not allow for use of ANY re-manufactured or factory-built ammunition regardless of bullet diameter used. These products are commonly made for traditional military chambers with larger bore sizes or have been fired in oversized chambers and may cause damage to your firearm when used in our barrels. Our 7.62 x 39 barrels are intended to be handload-only.


*** Custom barrels chambered in 32 H&R Mag. and 327 Federal will be build on a true .308" groove barrel and not a 32 caliber pistol bore (.312" groove). This does not allow for use of ANY factory-built ammunition. Barrels in these calibers are intended to be handload-only.

‡ The 45-70 US Government when used in the classic Contender or G2 actions should be limited in pressures by utilizing original Marlin Model 1895 loading data.

17 Caliber – 1:10 twist

          17 Mach 2

          17 HMR "Match"     learn more

          17 CCM

          17 Honeybee
     17 Hornady Hornet

          17 Hornet (Ackley Wildcat original)

          17 He Bee

          17 Bee

          17 Jet

          17 Rem. Fireball

          17 Mach IV "Match"

          17 Mach IV


          17 Javelina

          17 Remington


20 Caliber – 1:12 twist

          20 Squirrel (Hornet-based)

          20 VarTarg

          20 Tactical

          204 Ruger     learn more

Long Rifles – 1:16 twist

          22 Long Rifle

          22 LR "Match"

Magnum Rimfire – 1:14 twist

          22 WMR "Match"

22 Caliber – 1:12 or 1:14 twist

          5.7 x 28

          22 Hornet

          22 K Hornet "Match"

          22 K Hornet

          22 Pee Wee

          22 Remington Jet

          218 Bee

          218 Mashburn Bee

          221 Remington "Match"

          221 Remington

          222 Remington "Match"

          222 Remington

          223 Remington "Match"

          223 Remington

          223 Rem. Imp. "Match"

          223 Remington Improved

          222 Remington Magnum

          219 Donaldson Wasp "Match"

          219 Donaldson Wasp

          219 Zipper

6mm Caliber – 1:10, 12 or 14 twist

          6mm x 256 Win. Mag.

          6 x 45

          6mm TCU "Match"

          6mm TCU

          6 x 47 (.222 Mag case)

          6 x 47 Improved

          6mm Bullberry     learn more

          6mm Bullberry Imp. "Match"

          6mm Bullberry Improved

25 Caliber – 1:10 twist

          25-20 Winchester

          256 Winchester Mag.

          256 Win. Maximum

          25-35 Winchester

          25 Bullberry     learn more

          25 Bullberry Improved

6.5mm Caliber – 1:9 twist

          6.5mm TCU

          6.5mm Bullberry     learn more

          6.5mm BB Imp. "Match"

          6.5mm Bullberry Improved

270 Caliber – 1:10 twist

          270 Ren

          6.8 Rem. SPC (Spec 1)

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7mm Caliber – 1:9 twist

          7mm TCU "Match"

          7mm TCU

          7mm Super Magnum

          7mm International Rimmed

          7mm Bullberry

          7-30 Waters

          7-30 Waters Improved

30 Cal – 1:10 twist, .308" groove

          30 Mauser

          327 Federal ***

          30 Carbine

          30 Herrett


          30-221 Rem. / 300 Blackout *

                - 1:8 twist available -

          32 H & R Mag. ***

          7.62 x 39 **

          30-30 Winchester

          30-30 Win. Improved

.321 Caliber – 1:14 or 1:16 twist

          32 Miller Short

          321 Bullschuetzen

          32-40 Winchester

9mm Caliber – 1:14 twist

          380 ACP

          9mm Luger / Parabellum

          .357 Sig

.357 Caliber – 1:16 twist

          38 Special

          .357 Rem. Mag. "Match"
          .357 Remington Magnum

          .357 Remington Maximum

          357-44 Bain & Davis

          .357 Herrett

.358 Caliber – 1:12 twist

          35 Bullberry

          35 Remington

.375 Caliber – 1:16 twist

          375 Super magnum

          38-55 Winchester

          38-56 Winchester

          375 Winchester

          375-444 Marlin (G2 only)

10mm/40 Caliber – 1:14 twist

          38-40 Winchester

          40 Smith & Wesson

          10mm Auto

          10mm Auto Mag.

41 Caliber – 1:16 twist

          41 Remington Mag.

44 Caliber – 1:16 or 1:18 twist

          44 Special

          44-40 Winchester

          44 Remington Magnum

          445 Super Magnum

          444 Marlin (G2 only)

.451 Caliber – 1:16 twist

          45 ACP

          45 Auto Rimmed

          45 Colt

          45 Winchester Magnum

.458 Caliber – 1:20 twist

          45-70 US Government ‡

45 Caliber – 1:28 twist

          209 x 45 Black Powder     learn more

50 Caliber – 1:28 twist

          209 x 50 Black Powder     learn more

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Pricing – Premium Quality Custom Contender/G2 Barrels

All custom barrel pricing includes:

  • Bullberry hanger system

  • Drilling & tapping of your choice

  • Barrel profile of your choice

  • 11° recessed target crown*

* Black powder barrels feature a 45° crown to aid in bullet and/or sabot seating

NOTE: Maximum rifle barrel lengths may vary by barrel supplier (typically 26 1/2" or 27"). The addition of integral muzzle brakes, or requesting an upgrade to a longer special-order blank can adjust these typical maximums; a price increase may apply.
Please call us with any questions.

Select Barrel Premiums

How Do I Place My Custom Order?


First and foremost, we want to talk with you. While we prefer a phone call to go over the variety of details and options involved with every custom order, we are happy to work by email as well.

You should know that most orders do not require any deposit. Non-refundable deposits are required for all special order barrels, in the value of the corresponding "premium". Deposits are also requested for special order add-ons like G2 frames and scopes.

If you have any additional questions about our ordering and production system, please check out our page on The Custom Order Process.

Standard Barrel Profiles

Bullberry Contender/G2 barrels are most often made in a straight Bull profile. The Bull profile is considered optimum for both balance and accuracy in the already lightweight Contender; these also match the modern G2 barrels from T/C. If you prefer a lighter weight barrel for any reason just specify the details when ordering. Please note, however, that standard Bullberry tapers start 5 inches ahead of the breech to allow ample room for scope mounting using any manufacturer's hardware. The original Contender carbine barrel's muzzle diameter can be matched on your new custom barrel upon request. Other common tapers will feature muzzle diameters of .750" to .500" (in .050" increments), though this is dependent upon the barrel's bore dimension.


Click on either of the to-scale profile drawings below to open a larger PDF file for easier viewing.

Optional Barrel Add-ons and Accessories

Muzzlebrakes, muzzle threading, sights and scope mounts are the most common additions to our custom barrels. Please visit our Accessories page for full options and pricing breakdowns on a variety of extras.


If you are new to the T/C break-actions, you may want to start with the Encore® or ProHunter™ if you are interested in larger calibers (higher chamber pressures) than listed above. The classic Contender® frames have not been produced since the 1990s, though you may find used Contenders on the market (many customers have found success on The more modern G2® is readily available again from our suppliers, after not being produced and sold new for more than 5 years. As always, we offer these frames for purchase as a courtesy to barrel customers, as availability allows. We do not purchase frames for inventory purposes.

Frame purchases include only the frame as a result of our wide variety of custom woodwork, laminates and synthetic options, and the inclusion of our hanger system on all our barrels.

Contender® and G2™ Frames

Interested in a trigger adjustment? For more information visit our Gunsmithing Services page.







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