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Springfield 1884 Rifle "Trapdoor" 45-70

Springfield 1884 Rifle "Trapdoor" 45-70


Springfield Armory
MODEL: 1884 Rifle "Trapdoor" with original bayonet (no rod)
TYPE: Antique Rifle
CALIBER/GA: 45-70 US Gov't.
Serial #: 118xxx
DESCRIPTION: All original 32 5/8" long barrel, 2 bands, slings, metal buttplate, Buffington rear sight, bayonet. Original stamp cartouches are not visible on stock. Moderate wear on stock and pitting and silvering on metal. Trigger guard and buttplate metals most affected by pitting due to metal quality. Bayonet fits and affixes easily – screw installed in band.
Buffington rear sight in great working condition. Clear Eagle and Springfield stamps on action.

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