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Winchester Model 52 Target Rifle — 22 LR

Winchester Model 52 Target Rifle — 22 LR


MODEL: Model 52 Target Rifle
TYPE: Rifle
CALIBER/GA: 22 Long Rifle
Serial #: 10530
DESCRIPTION: Serial number is listed as a 1928 production, but the Target model with these included original sights and forearm (without finger grooves) are
generally referenced as only produced from 1929 to 1932.
This actual gun was the winning rifle in 1949 at Black Canyon Rifle Range in Arizona's opening state match, with a woman winning the competition.
Features an after-market adjustable grip adapter on the forearm. Leather sling installed. Target sight set loose.
Like new J. Unertl Target Rifle 20X Scope installed in fine adjust mounts, with end caps. Serial number 79445.

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