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Redding Die Sets

We offer Redding dies at competitive rates as a courtesy to our barrel customers. These are the standard 2-die sets and more than sufficient for most hand-loaders. If you are more of a competitive shooter and require a 3-die set or bushing dies please call for pricing and availability.

Bullberry Chamber Gauge

These small additions to your reloading supplies can be a tremendous asset to determine appropriate bullet seating depth. The use of items like the Stoney Point (now Hornady) Gauge - designed for bolt-actions - can have shooters seating bullets far out into the riflings without realizing this fault. These chamber gauges allow for a much more precise seating. In addition, the open "window" leaves no need for guessing, and because there is no extractor to interfere with cartridge insertion you can leave your barrel for final testing and firing, having skipped the hassle of removing and reinstalling parts. We don't find these gauges necessary for all calibers (specifically rimmed cartridges), though some of our shooters have gone to using them as a standard accessory across the board.

These are hand-chambered gauges from rifled gun barrel blanks, cut with the same reamer as your tight-tolerance Bullberry chamber. Each gauge features an open port from mid-body into the riflings to give you a twin view of your chamber for easier bullet seating than ever before. Each gauge is caliber stamped like a barrel for easy reference.

Bullberry Forming Die

By now, these are an old standard for our .17 caliber hand-loaders, though we offer them in nearly any caliber you need assistance with. They are made from threaded rod of the same dimension as your dies to work in any press with your existing die's lock ring.

The double-ended die offers an easy transition from .22 to .17 without the typical stress and potential for neck collapse that is so common during small caliber sizing. If you are looking to simplify the process of reducing the neck of other calibers you hand-load for just call with the particulars of your project. Most transitions (within reason) will be accommodated with just one double-ended form die; for example, when sizing a 30-06 to a 25-06 one double-ended die can size from 30 Cal to 7mm in one end, then 7mm to 6.5mm in the other making an easy transition to the standard 25-06 dies.

Open/download/print the standard forming die instructions in PDF here.

Bullberry .17 Caliber Forming Dies, and in-stock Redding Die Sets and are available for online ordering through the Gear Store. If you do not find what you are looking for please call to place your order.

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