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The Bullberry Rimfire Adapter we produce is a replacement firing pin bushing assembly for the Encore frame that temporarily replaces the original bushing assembly. We custom make rimfire barrels for the Encore, built just as we would a centerfire barrel; no offset barrels or pinned barrels here. This firing pin assembly features an angled firing pin that puts the indent on the bottom of the rimfire cartridge breech-face. Bottom ignition is generally not found on USA-made rimfire firearms, but is quite common on high-dollar European target guns. Bottom ignition is more uniform in ignition performance as it is always "in the powder." Top ignition is spread over the powder charge, in a random manner, depending on how the powder is situated in the cartridge at the moment of firing. 

Each Adapter will also come to you with a sheet of instructions, but feel free to download a PDF version here for easy reference or printing.

The Bullberry Rimfire Adapter is a REQUIRED accessory for all of our rimfire barrels in Encore. Each adapter assembly comes complete with the firing pin bushing, firing pin, spring and screw — $75

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