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T/C's FlexTech and the Bullberry Hanger System

We will now be offering T/C's FlexTech forearms that are compatible with the Bullberry Hanger System. These are limited in what barrel profiles they fit, however, and can only be internally adjusted for barrels with a T/C-style sporter contour (with only a 2.95" straight section at the breech). This means factory or other after-market barrels made in this configuration can continue to be altered to our hanger system and may now be outfitted with the FlexTech forearm internally adjusted to free-float from your barrel(s). Visit our Custom Barrel Profiles page for a visual aid. While these factory sporter profiles aren't our standard - because we want 5" of straight section for a better scope mounting area - we will taper custom Encore barrels to these specs if a customer is determined to have a FlexTech stockset (black or camo). Please Contact Us with any questions.

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