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A new website for the new year!

We've been wanting to do more than just update the site for a while now, so we are happy to announce that our new site is in the process of going live right now. Hosting platforms being what they are, the new site isn't up-to-date everywhere yet, but by tomorrow we expect it to be fully transitioned.

Once the site is live for you, we recommend taking some time to look through it all. Our site will always be information-heavy. We know that informed shooters are better shooters, so we put as much out there for regular reference as we could. Beyond all the details however are some great new photos, and a few new info pages . . . like this little blog. We will announce any sales, and new caliber offerings here first (then share them on Facebook of course). And any time one of us has an answer to a question that's been asked all the time we will try to sit down and answer that here (then add it to our Tips & FAQs page).

There are a couple pages that remain under construction, but they'll be updated in a matter of days. This includes our new Gear Store that will make it possible to order all in-stock items (that's barrel inventory, hanger bars and other accessories, T/C factory grips, stocks and forearms, and Bullberry merchandise) via the website.

We are in the middle of changing our email hosting over also, but if you have questions about the new site, where to find info you just can seem to locate on there, or are getting ready to place a custom order but need a few details ironed out feel free to email or call us (435.635.9866). We will do our best to not get rattled by a hiccup in this transition and will reply to emails just as quickly as possible.

Thanks so much, and happy shooting!

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