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Reviews, Photos, Comments, and Shooting Stories — We Want Them All

We always love to hear what our customers have to say about their Bullberry products, be it a hunting story, caliber review or just a simple thank you. We've decided to put together a page for you to easily submit those details, and in return we want to thank you for your praises. Submit a few sentences about your experience with our products and/or services and if we decide to use your comments in print or on the web you will earn a $20 credit toward your next order.

Please fill out all the details below so we know how to reach you if we decide to publish your comments or have any questions. Be sure to include what caliber and firearm model your story is about, and if you are wanting to send a submission in that includes photos of you, your gun, targets, or game please directly email us with your story and attachments.

Submitting this form opts you in to Bullberry's mailing list. You will always be given the option to remove yourself from the mailing list, and we will only send you updates on new products, info, or specials – we're too busy with production to fill your inbox. We will never sell your information.

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