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Now in full barrel production

Starting late last year Bullberry Barrel Works, Ltd. began transitioning its 40-year-old world-famous business into retirement mode. Troy decided to honor his nearly 20 years in the business and move forward into the next decade by developing Bullberry Legacy. We are now fully up and running and taking orders for the same quality and craftsmanship you came to know from the original.

It will take some time to fully transition the website into our current offerings, so understand that old information and links are known and being updated. For the time being, we are offering limited wood products. Custom wood forearms are available, given our continued use of the classic Bullberry hanger system. Custom stocks may be available at a later date.

We shifted hands and adjusted our name, but we are still a family-owned and operated company dedicated to quality craftmanship and exceptional accuracy and performance. Call to place your custom order today. 

Troy — Owner/Machinist

Troy is now available for contact by email and phone (435.635.9866).
Bullberry Legacy is maintaining the old cost structure for the time being, including discounts to our nation's dedicated Veterans, Active Military, Police and Fire personnel.
The dedication to accuracy Bullberry has always held will continue to be Troy's primary focus moving Bullberry Legacy into the future. All barrels produced at any time by Bullberry Barrel Works, or other manufacturers of T/C barrels, are welcome for gunsmithing services — please call Troy at the above-referenced number to discuss your specific project. Prices for any work range from the $35 minimum shop charge, depending on test-firing or services needed/requested.





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