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We will continue to honor these posted discounts until our official retirement to continue to thank you for your service, and thank you for the years of business!

Military, Fire Service and Law Enforcement

We offer a 10% discount on all our standard priced Bullberry merchandise with active military/veteran/fire/police email, copy of verifying ID or shipment to FPO/APO.

Forearm Discount

Order any barrel at full price and receive $50 off any Bullberry walnut forearm. You choose the grade of wood, level of finish, length and shape of the forearm -- even have us match it to a buttstock or pistol grip.


**this offer cannot be combined with the above service discount; standard layup laminate forearms will receive a $25 off discount when purchased with a full priced barrel.

Experience the forearm system that increases your barrel's accuracy potential by free-floating the forearm from the barrel. Besides our high quality blanks and tight tolerance chambers, this hanger system is the key to our accuracy guarantee and the success of many shooters.

Dealer Discount

We realize how often the Contender, G2, Encore and ProHunter barrels are bought, sold and traded, but we will always pride ourselves on creating custom items to fit each of our customers' needs and desires. This is the primary reason we prefer selling our product direct to the end shooter (or his/her family and friends). When we can verify with the shooter or his hunting buddy how long to make a stock, what caliber he wants, the best barrel contour, etc. we have a happy customer that appreciates their new custom firearm.
As such, we do not have a dealer program. If you represent a gun store or are yourself a gunsmith that has been asked to purchase our items on behalf of a customer of your own, please realize that we do not offer any price reduction. If your customer still prefers to have you order their custom work we are alright with that, just know that we have a lot of questions and there may be a little back and forth required to get the order details just right.

We have been receiving a lot of requests to offer another stub-length barrel sale. While we do have quite a variety of stub barrels available we do not yet have a plan for a full-blown stub sale at this time.

If you are interested in Contender or Encore barrels 10" and shorter please call to inquire. If availability is in your favor we will likely be able to offer special pricing on the barrel(s).

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