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Obsessed with Accuracy  •  Built for You

We aren't exaggerating when we say we're obsessed with accuracy.

Our custom single shot pistols and rifles have been our daily passion since 1983 when Fred began making barrels, in addition to the stocks he'd been offering for a few years.

When you get a Bullberry break-action single shot in either the Classic Contender, modern G2, or the larger Encore, ProHunter, or Endeavor you can be assured that you're getting a superior product.


When it comes to our custom woodwork for the break-action Thompson/Center Arms platforms you can expect an unparalleled attention to detail. Every custom piece is made to your specifications and sure to fit you (or the specified shooter if it's a gift) and your needs; craftsmanship guaranteed.

Bullberry barrels have many features not found on factory original or other after market barrels.

Our STANDARD barrel features include:

  • Premium quality chrome-moly and stainless steel blanks, CNC turned for a non-stressed barrel of unbeatable performance; turned on centers to ensure the truest barrel possible

  • Wide choice of lengths

  • Comprehensive selection of calibers – spec'd to tight tolerances for optimum performance

  • High polish, semi-matte SchotchBrite®, and dull beadblasted finishes

  • Variety of contours

  • Original free-floating forearm hanger system

  • 11º recessed Bench-Rest crown

  • Drilled and tapped for scope and/or iron sights as requested

  • Precision chambers, cut and polished to minimum dimensions

  • Optional Bullberry Muzzle Brakes (reduces felt recoil by 50-80%)

  • and Guaranteed Accuracy!

Other key information about the barrel blanks we use:

  • all our match-grade barrels come from Wilson Arms Co., Douglas Barrels and Pac-Nor Barreling as determined by caliber, twist, and metal, and customer's request

  • Barrel blanks come to Bullberry rifled to minimum tolerances, having passed air-gage testing and visual inspections

  • The premium blanks we have chosen to work with feature such a fine internal finish that little to no further break-in is required in the finished barrels.


Please be aware that Bullberry chambers are tighter tolerance than those from other barrel and/or firearm manufacturers. This fact lends to our impressive accuracy, but does make for special circumstances. Almost all Bullberry chambers will require the use of virgin components. This is as a result of once-fired brass from other barrels having been expanded to a looser tolerance than most Bullberry chambers. Even after sizing, brass will typically remain too large near the cartridge base to fit in our chambers without difficulty. Once you have fired virgin rounds through your Bullberry barrel you will be able to reload those components to great success. If you would like to speak with one of our experienced staff about your caliber(s) regarding any reloading suggestions or tips they may be able to offer feel free to give us a call.

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