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Besides our high quality blanks and tight tolerance chambers, this hanger system is the key to our accuracy guarantee and the success of many shooters. The Bullberry hanger system is included on every Contender/G2 and Encore/ProHunter barrel ordered directly from us.

Contender/G2 Hanger

Hanger bars are available as a loose accessory for Contender and G2 barrels. Our standard Contender hanger fits all Bullberry barrels (unless ordered with long dovetail spacing) and Contender/G2 12” and 14” pistol barrels. The long Contender hanger is made specifically for T/C’s carbine and rifle length barrels that feature a longer dovetail spacing than their pistol barrels. Simply attach the steel bar to your barrel's existing threaded dovetail inserts. Your Bullberry forearm can then be attached with its single screw and floats away from your barrel allowing for even chamber/bore pressures, heat dispersal, and maximum accuracy. No barrel modification necessary, simply tighten the screws and shoot!

Encore/ProHunter Barrel Alterations for Hanger System

Hangers are also available for non-Bullberry Encore/ProHunter barrels, but require an alteration to the barrel itself. Send your Encore/ProHunter barrel in for our installation of the hanger system. We will precisely cut two dovetail cuts in the bottom of your barrel, then install two threaded dovetail inserts on which the hanger mounts. Your Bullberry forearm will then free-float from your existing Encore or ProHunter barrel.


We make different hangers for the variety of profiles offered by us and other Encore barrel manufacturers. This attention to detail allows for the most level fit of any Bullberry forearm, be it adjusted black or camouflage composite, custom laminate or custom wood.

If, for any reason, you have a Bullberry Encore barrel that no longer has a hanger bar installed we will need to determine your barrel's profile to select the appropriate replacement bar.

If you haven’t been experiencing the accuracy you expect from a factory or other after-market Encore barrel and plan to use our hanger system for increased accuracy, we recommend testing your barrel without any forearm attached first.

If this test proves more accurate than the barrel performed with the forearm, you can be assured the free-floating system is worth the expense. If this test does not find an improvement you may be dealing with chamber, throat or bore issues.

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