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Apart from our shotgun barrels, all barrels produced by Bullberry, in any profile and caliber, pistol or carbine are guaranteed to give sub minute-of-angle accuracy when used with our forearm hanger system (available in both Woodsmith and synthetic forearm types). This basically translates to a 5-shot group under one inch at 100 yards.

If you find your Bullberry barrel, pistol or rifle, is not performing to this standard please contact us to discuss your experience. Our gunsmiths have helped many people improve their accuracy just with a few over-the-phone tips. If your barrel's accuracty is not as specified, we will refund the cost of the barrel or replace it once your firearm has been sent to us for in-house accuracy testing and inaccuracy has been confirmed. Any time a firearm is sent to us for this testing we will discuss your barrel's performance with you by phone and if required send you any targets and load details for you to get the best results from your Bullberry barrels.

We take great pride in the fact that we at Bullberry have received worldwide recognition for our sub-MOA accuracy guarantee. Over the years we have received hundreds of one hole five shot groups from our customers' rifles, pistols, and custom Contenders/Encores. Feel free to send us your targets. We would be honored to add them to our collection and are hoping to create an online gallery someday.

A few years ago we honored an Encore pistol barrel customer with our Bull's-Eye Contest win after he shared his 1000 yard competition win with us. This is a more common sport today than it has been in the past, but people often discount break action guns, in particular pistols. For more information on how a 260 Remington pistol can perform at long range, visit the contest winner's page featuring Patrick and read about his 1000 yard win and long range prairie dog kills. Patrick's experience is a prime example of how a quality barrel can lead a good shooter to real performance!

Whatever your involvement in the shooting sports, be it NRA or IHMSA steel silhouettes, big or small game hunting, informal target shooting, or simply plinking, we at Bullberry Barrel Works, Ltd. have a barrel or complete custom firearm for you.


Focus on Precision and Fit

If you haven't spoken with us before you may not realize how small a shop we run. There are six of us. No, literally. Our actual shop is also not massive. It never fails to catch visitors off guard when they step in the door and see our operation. What that all translates to, however, is an ability to maintain tremendous attention to detail from the time you place your order to the moment it ships out our door. This also translates to fewer hands touching each product, thereby increasing the opportunity to see the whole of the item, rather than one step in a long production line. Everyone in the shop is truly an expert at what we do and is proud to have a hand in making such fine products.

Fred began Bullberry in the wood business, but it wasn't long after that he realized there was a market for barrels not yet offered elsewhere. In those early days Fred actually had parts made here and there, had another guy who specialized in welding, he'd do some work and the finishing and call it good. That didn't last long. When the job shops weren't doing their part well enough to his own shooting standards he knew it was time to do things differently.

Fast forward to 2003 and Fred talked September (his daughter) into moving back to Utah to run the shop. There is a reason we have her do the trigger adjustments and checkering now; attention to detail is one of her natural obsessions. With her as the General Manager Bullberry found a resurgence in its focus on tight tolerances.

Today Bullberry makes every underlug that gets welded on to a custom barrel for the Contender, G2, Encore or ProHunter action. We make our own steel Weaver-style bases, iron sight components, and of course hanger bars. Small parts like extractors and locking bolts for the break action firearms are made to our specifications by a casting firm, then finished to our standards in-house. Other small parts for bolt action work we designed are rough cut by a local water-jet specialist, then once again finished them by hand. All of these features, along with details like ordering minimum dimension precision reamers from experts in the business, to hand fitting every finished barrel, are why we can stand behind our products with confidence.


Similar to all that metal work, custom woodwork is done by hand in our shop. Of course we use mills and sanders and a bandsaw and more, but you will not find a duplicator in our shop. Our goal has never been to simply put "furniture" on a gun that sort of fits you (and about half the population). We want every stock or grip to be to each customer's requests and fit needs. Length of pull, comb height, palm swell and more are all determined through years of experience and sometimes actual test fitting to those in the shop. We have made stocks and grips for people of all ages and physical disability thanks to not being limited by what the standard dimensions of some template items for a duplicator dictate. And, just like a barrel's fit in a frame having an effect on accuracy, so too does the fit of the pistol or rifle in a shooter's hands. Something that fits you will absorb recoil and simply improve your comfort behind the trigger.

Should you have any questions about our focus on precision and fit in any aspect of our custom products please let us know. We are a little obsessed with customer service too, so we welcome questions about our products and process. Contact us by phone or email.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

We at Bullberry want to thank all of our customers for their continued support over the years! We take pride in being a small business in the USA and will continue to strive for excellence in all our custom manufacturing.

Our business was started in 1980 out of the family garage and continues today to be a family operation. Better still is being a small business with the ability to support other US manufacturing throughout the custom work we do. All of the products we make* utilize raw materials from here in the US, in addition to products by other US manufacturers that contribute to our finished items, i.e. steel, barrel blanks, reamers, wood blanks, etc.

Whenever possible we purchase US-made supplies and tooling. Though we cannot guarantee all the accessories we offer have been made in the USA, we strive to support other small US businesses whenever possible (Eezox™, Redding, Manson Precision Reamers, Choate Machine and Tool, Williams Gun Sight Company and Cousineau Wood Products to name a few).

*only the Bullberry 20 Gauge slug barrels are produced using Verney-Carron blanks imported from France, and some of the accent woods we install are exotics.

While we have a new look on this new site and connect with most of our customers only over the phone or computer, we will always keep customer service a priority while maintaining the ever-present desire to make the best quality American product.

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