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​​Fred started Bullberry by hand-making custom woodwork for the T/C Contender back in 1980; even before Thompson/Center made carbine barrels for the action. We will continue for a limited time to offer custom woodwork for the T/C Actions in semi- or satin production-finishes. Should you be interested in one or many raw stock blanks please contact us to further discuss your project.

Over the decades our current stocks, grips and forearms have come to feature more streamlined shapes (particularly in the grip section) than our early work. And of course, when ordering any custom woodwork from Bullberry you can expect to receive something that has been painstakingly hand-shaped to your specifications.


  • Right- or left-handed stocks are custom designed with cast-off stock bodies and offset palm swell pistol grip.

  • Finish level and type are determined by you.

  • Fit on both pistol grip palm swell and buttstock length of pull are built to match each shooter, not made in generic Small, Medium, Large or Short, Average, Tall.

  • If you shoot exclusively with iron sights please specify this when ordering a shoulder stock. This information will lead our woodsmith to reduce the comb from our standard scoped-shooter positioning/height.

  • General fit particulars do NOT alter the cost of your grip- or stock-set.

  • The standard buttpad for adult-length stocks is always the Pachmayr® Old English trap pad. This leather-look pad is much cleaner and softer than what is featured on traditional production rifles. Upgrades to softer pads are available, as are solid wood buttplates.

  • Your choices of wood are practically unlimited. In standard varieties, we have options in English, Bastogne, Claro and Black Walnuts, and limited options in Maple. Options in accenting woods come in Oak, Sycamore, Ebonies, and  Rosewoods.

  • All wood blanks are fully cured to a minimum moisture content and most are available in grades from utility to exhibition.

  • Nearly unlimited options in colorful laminate birch are available in all our custom woodwork shapes and applications. A few of the most common color layups are priced as standard grade. All others price as high grade for the break-action firearms.

Have a wood blank of your own you'd like made into a custom grip or stock set?

We work on most varieties of wood customers have access to (except Myrtle!). If you have a specific project in mind please call to determine what size blank(s) should be supplied for the item(s) you're interested in.

Customer-supplied wood is always priced as Utility grade, in the corresponding finish level you are interested in. The availability of special shapes/sizes and cheekpieces may be subject to the dimensions of the blank(s).


Customer-supplied blanks may require a delay in production due to their moisture content when received. We test all supplied blanks prior to cutting/shaping to finished dimensions. Our typically dry high-desert climate allows for low moisture content without the use of kilns, so time may be required to reduce the moisture in your blank(s) to an appropriate percentage.

Semi-finished Woodwork

Fully shaped and inletted, butt-pad installed on stocks

Finished Woodwork

Satin Production

Example of a custom 3-piece stock/grip set.
This type of wood set is ideal for those shooters with pistol
and rifle barrels, in addition to being a great answer to shorter carbine-length barrels suitable for pistol and rifle usage.

18" Bull profile Encore barrel shown on the assembled rifle.

Premium Upgrades

Below are a few photos for quick reference of some of the optional features available to any custom woodwork (laminate included). To see more examples of past custom woodwork please visit our Gallery. Referencing these and the gallery's example photos when discussing your own custom woodwork order are the best way for us to know what features and wood grades/characters you are looking for.

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