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While we devote most of our time to manufacturing, we do offer a few gunsmithing services. Each ranges in turn around from a few days in our shop to a few weeks, depending on who does that work and how filled their schedule is with standard production tasks, and - for some jobs - machine availability. If you need one of these services done in a very short turn around due to a pending competition or hunt, please contact us for the best lead-time estimate.

If you are interested in a gunsmithing service or part you do not see listed here, please call or Contact Us regarding availability. Please realize that while Thompson/Center Arms and Smith & Wesson (the parent company of T/C) may forward you to us now that the Custom Shop is closed, we do not work on ALL firearms made produced by Thompson/Center. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Trigger Adjustments

T/C Break-Action Firearms

Whether a Classic Contender, G2, Encore, ProHunter or Endeavor action, trigger adjustments are available for the pricing below, plus return shipping ($15-$20, including insurance). Send your frame with a signed request stating the specific pull you would like; generally 1/4 pound increments are highly achievable, though we can be more specific on some frames. We will not only set the pull, but also lessen the felt creep by creating a glass-smooth sear surface for optimum engagement.

You may also request the installation of an over-travel screw if your frame does not have one. This will be done at no additional fee.

Bolt Action Firearms

Often this job is completed at the same time as re-barreling, but it is also offered as a separate service. You may choose to replace your factory trigger or not. As with our T/C trigger adjustments we ask that you sign a request for the specific pull you want. Every frame is different, so we have begun utilizes a price scale determined by the time and work spent to perfect the feel and function on each trigger.

Muzzlebrakes and Threading

Bullberry integral brakes are available on almost any custom bolt action pistol or rifle barrel, no matter the make. See our Muzzlebrakes page for more information and additional photographs. Call us with your project's specifics to check on availability.

Please note, at this time we are not offering our threading services on barrels that we do not turn to finished dimension; this decision is to maintain our high standards of precision and accuracy. This means if you supply us with an already-turned barrel blank for custom finishing, or you would like to add a brake or suppressor to an existing finished rifle, no matter the make we only offer integrated brakes.

Cutting and Recrowning

These services will sometimes depend on your barrel's make, model and ultimate goal but most barrels can be shortened and recrowned by us. Our typical crown is a recessed 11° target style. Please call with your specific request to verify the availability of this work.

Hanger Installation

The Bullberry Hanger System is available for any Contender, G2, Encore, or ProHunter centerfire or rimfire barrel, whether made by Bullberry, Thompson/Center Arms, or another after-market manufacturer. For more information, photos and pricing please visit our Hanger System page.

Engraving & Checkering

We offer a huge variety of custom engraving, and offer standard and custom patterns of hand- and laser-checkering. Please check out our page on Engraving & Checkering for examples of many past requests. The shown examples will be added to periodically, but don't hesitate to contact us regarding a custom engraving idea or checkering request you have.

Re-chambering Barrels

We only offer re-chambering services on Bullberry barrels. We can not assume barrels from other manufacturers have been turned to our standards, verifying that the bore is concentric with the exterior. As re-chambering requires us to chuck the barrel in our lathe, the precision of the job has almost everything to do with the exterior being true.

Re-contouring Finished Barrels

We offer limited re-contouring services on Bullberry-ONLY barrels. Re-contouring Encore barrels does have its limitations. If you have a Bull or Varmint weight Bullberry barrel your options will be limited to another Varmint profile to maintain hanger/forearm mounting. Sporter weight Encore barrels may be made into lighter Sporter weight barrels only, of course. Special "extra" light varmint/sporter may be possible, though this will depend on the caliber/bore and may not be recommended for maintaining accuracy and we may recommend shortening the barrel by an inch or more to achieve a better balance if this is your primary goal. In addition, the process of re-contouring a Bullberry barrel from Bull profile will create a six-inch long straight section, rather than the five-inch that is our standard during first-run production. All re-contouring also requires a new crown as we chamfer the original muzzle for stability and true rotation on-center during the re-contouring process. The re-crowning is included, but you should be aware that a slight barrel shortening will occur. Visit the Contender and Encore pages for more information and drawings of our standard contours.

Re-contouring Bullberry-made bolt-action barrels will only be performed if a Bullberry custom stock is being built.

Please contact us to discuss your re-contouring requests before shipping your barrel(s) to us.

Note: All re-contouring costs include the necessary follow up work of re-crowning, refinishing, and re-engraving the caliber/trade name.

Metal Refinishing and Bluing

Most firearm parts can be refinished in a few standard finishes/methods. Our standards are hi-luster, ScotchBrite satin finish, and beadblasted Matte in Stainless or blued Chrome-Moly. If you are interested in refinishing an old/antique firearm or parts we recommend calling to discuss the firearm's details. This is because many older firearms were made with lesser quality metal and may contain a high nickel content, reducing the likelihood of an even, dark blue finish after modern bluing.


All Bullberry barrel refinishing will include caliber laser engraving.

Drilling & Tapping, and more

This service is automatically included with any new barrel purchase, but many people come to us needing assistance with worn/damaged threads, or needing new drilling and tapping all together. We recommend you call with your firearm's specifics before sending in a firearm for this type of work, as some items just can't be accommodated in our machining fixtures while maintaining our tight tolerances.

Screw Removal and Repair

We occasionally receive barrels with scope base screws broken off in the barrel, or with stripped screws that need to be drilled out. This service takes particular care and special tooling to be done right. Most barrels with damaged screws can be re-tapped to the same standard thread dimension, though this cannot be guaranteed on every barrel.

Scope and Sight Installation

Whether you are purchasing a barrel from us or have a gun that you just can't get the scope or sights right on your own, feel free to send your accessories and barrel or firearm in for this installation. All scope installations include bore-sighting at no additional cost. We use Loctite's blue thread-locker in all sight and/or scope base attachment holes, unless it is requested by our customer to use no thread-locker.

Iron Sight and/or Scope Mount installation is completed at no charge on all new custom barrels as a courtesy to barrel customers.

Installing pre-threaded and contoured barrels into bolt actions

This is a rare request for our shop, but we do get a customer here and there who asks to supply us with a partially completed barrel blank. These are handled on a case by case basis, but if we can confirm that the barrel's bore is concentric to the outside of the barrel we may be able to assist. These jobs will be less than our standard bolt action barrel prices by $80 or more.


Please realize that our accuracy guarantee and reputation are dependent on making finished products from quality barrel blanks we know and trust. When supplier methods and materials, and pre-Bullberry workmanship are unknown to us we will guarantee our workmanship, but cannot guarantee accuracy.

Bolt Face Clean-up

As this process changes the head-space this service is only offered during rebarreling. Please find more about this process on our Bolt Action Barrel page.

Installation of Sako-style Extractor

Fred has been transitioning difficult Remington bolt action extractors to the Sako-style for decades now. Heavily used Remington bolts will often have damaged or worn extractors. This can be solved with the installation of a new Sako-style extractor, while creating more reliable extraction. As each bolt has some variety, some even requiring bushing prior to extractor installation, this service starts at $175.


*ProHunter frames with the earlier (most New Hampshire-made and -stamped ProHunter frames will fall into this category) diamond-scratch engraving on the reinforcement will not be available for jeweling. The new factory standard of chemically-etched engravings can be removed with minimal impact to the frame's dimensions and thereby is the only type of ProHunter we will jewel. No jeweling will be completed on ProHunter frames without the removal of the factory's logo and text engraving.



Small Replacement Parts for the Contender, G2, Encore and ProHunter

Most of these items we recommend having ourselves or other reputable gunsmith install. Please call with any questions and specify your firearm's model to ensure part availability prior to shipping a barrel and/or frame in for part installation. Installation is completed at no additional charge when purchasing parts through us, and a safety inspection is always provided as a courtesy. We want every T/C break action shooter to have a safe and well-maintained firearm.

** please call for availability on these items as their inventory varies

‡ requires gunsmith installation and will not be sold/shipped loose

Bullberry Rimfire Adapter for Encore®

The Bullberry Rimfire Adapter we produce is a replacement firing pin bushing assembly for the Encore frame that temporarily replaces the original bushing assembly. We custom make rimfire barrels for the Encore, built just as we would a centerfire barrel; no offset barrels or pinned barrels here.  

The Bullberry Rimfire Adapter is necessary for all Bullberry-made rimfire barrels in Encore. Visit the Rimfire Adapter for Encore page for more information, the PDF version of our printed installation instructions, and a slideshow of the firing pin bushing installation process.

Muzzleloader Barrel Accessories

Our Encore and ProHunter barrels in 209 x 45 and 209 x 50 come standard with the T/C "EZ-tip" extractor.

As all Bullberry Encore barrels are built to utilize the Bullberry Hanger System, they do not feature an attached ramrod as with factory muzzleloaders. Many of our customers choose to use collapsible ramrods with their Bullberry muzzleloader, while others purchase our ramrod/belt pouch combo. These are built to your barrel's length and feature a custom wood or laminate handle with a nylon bullet starter.

The ramrod itself is built of aluminum Rugged Rod material, with a brass jag threaded into the end of the ramrod; handles are made to match custom or T/C wood, laminates, or painted black as requested and have a nylon jag epoxied into place. All ramrods also come with a fabric belt pouch. — $50

T/C Factory Accessories

If you are looking for the factory's synthetic or walnut products you may want to check with us first. We typically keep many options in-stock and offer them at highly competitive prices. With the new site launch we will soon be launching a fully functioning Gear Store for online purchases of these items and other in-stock accessories and inventory items. In the meantime, visit the T/C Factory Accessories page from our old site.

For information on our custom grips, stocks and forearms visit our Custom T/C Woodwork page and look over dozens of samples of our custom work in the Gallery.

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