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If you aren't familiar with Bullberry, or have only ever purchased our barrels used you might be interested in learning a bit more about our ordering and production process.

Order Interest and Customer Service:

While we have a new look on this new site and connect with most of our customers only over the phone or computer, we will always keep customer service a priority while maintaining the ever-present desire to make the best quality products possible. If you have a question (even if it's about a used Bullberry barrel or firearm you purchased second-hand) please reach out to us. We pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge . . . more informed shooters are better shooters. When an inquiry on which caliber we recommend or what length and twist offers the best performance turns into an order we will want to take the time to walk through all the features, and any accessories, that will answer your needs.

We do offer some inventory barrels (these will soon be available in the online Gear Store, currently under construction), but these are a result of last-minute order cancellations or, more often, due to a small in-house error in twist, metal or barrel length that leaves us with an available barrel. These are the only barrels that you do not have a say on drilling and tapping, profile, or length (though we even have some flexibility there if you're patient), and the only barrels we require full payment on at the time of ordering.

Some custom products do incur deposits (these details are all referenced on their appropriate pages). However, with our custom products taking up to a few months  to queue up for manufacturing, we do not ask for full payment until we are ready to cut your designated barrel for your order. Accessories we do not manufacture, like frames and scopes, will be charged at the time of order, as specified by the Bullberry crew member assisting you with your order.

Our Production Process:

Once your custom order has been received it will be added to a queue of like orders (woodwork with woodwork, barrels with barrels, bolt actions with bolt actions, etc.). These queues vary in typical lead-time, so be sure to ask how long your custom order is expected to take if you are not offered the information.

When your order reaches the top of the queue we will contact you by phone and/or email to go over all the order's details, and ensure that you are ready for the products to be produced; we also then ask for your payment method if not already supplied, and your okay to charge the order total/balance.

Barrel production includes (in order) pulling up to 30 barrel blanks (not limited by length, caliber or model), cutting them to length on a bandsaw, facing both ends, chamfering the bores, centering the barrels on points and turning the exteriors concentric to the bores, chambering, crowning, threading when requested, exterior polishing, welding, drilling and tapping, cutting dovetails for hanger installation, the addition of any muzzlebrakes, final polishing, heat treating, beadblasting and/or bluing, engraving, parts installation and inspection, and finally accessory installation. All these processes are handled by up to four people. That means we are able to keep our tolerances tight and our attention to detail second to none. 

Should you still have any questions about your unique order or order interest please call or email us.

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