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Custom Bolt Actions

Lock, Stock and Barrel — we have you covered

What Makes Bullberry Different?

Bullberry Barrel Works, Ltd. is dedicated to producing premium quality goods for the sporting firearms industry, focusing on exceptional accuracy and performance in custom barrel manufacturing.

Bullberry is a small family-owned/operated company and our primary focus has been the same since 1983: manufacturing custom replacement barrels and woodwork for the Thompson/Center Arms break-action firearms. Also available with our handmade attention to detail and accuracy are custom barrels and woodwork built to improve a wide variety of bolt action pistols and rifles, and select falling block actions. All of our products manufactured to replace factory original items are made to higher tolerances and quality standards than can be offered by production manufacturers mass-producing firearms and firearm components.

•  World Famous for Accuracy  • 

Specializing in Guaranteed Accurate Sporting Firearms for Over 30 Years

I would like to say thank you to all who built my custom TC Encore 6mm Rem. barrel and wood forend. The workmanship is superb and it is as accurate as you can hold it on target. Finally a 6mm Rem. that really shoots for me. I will use it coyote calling with Horn. 58 gr. V-Max bullet reloads with IMR 4064 powder and CCI BR primers.  I have shot 3 hole groups that touch each other at 100 yd. which was what I was hoping for.  The barrel delivered 5 days early. Thanks to all at Bullberry for a job well done.

Sep 13, 2016   Bob L., Kansas

Getting ready for deer season here in Texas with the custom 6.5 Grendel package you made for me. Went to the range and after 10 rounds to break-in the barrel, sand bagged I put 5 rounds inside a quarter inch using Hornady 123 grain SST. With higher mag scope would have a tighter group. The stock work, fit and finish of the barrel and action is beautiful. I had several people at the range come over to look at this Encore. It is my deer rifle this season. Thanks to all at Bullberry for the custom work that is truly custom.

Robert Burton  Oct 18, 2017

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The Gear Store is fully operational again! After much ado with processors who don't support the firearms industry we are now fully set up to directly take credit card payments thanks to our regular processor and our web host working together. Our Bullberry branded merch and any in-stock items can be found in the gear store, though you are always welcome to call and order over the phone (this may save you a few dollars too). We will do our best to add new inventory items to the store whenever they become available. In the meantime, happy shooting and don't be afraid to show off your Bullberries!




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